Grounding and launching

25 Tn travelift and possibility to unload smaller boats directly from the tow to the water.


Removal of barnacles, grease, dirt, and other pollutants using pressurised water.

Painting of hull and freeboard

Application of paint and maintenance to protect surfaces. Selection of special antifouling for each boat and the type of sailing it does.

Hull sanding

Removal of old layers and surface cleaning.

Osmosis treatment

Preventive and curing treatment of osmosis processes for fibre glass boats.

Polishing of sides

Gel-Coat surface restoration processes with application of wax and special polish. Recover of natural shine of the older layers.

Anode replacement

Selection of pieces for cathodic protection of the boats.

Removal of old layers

Removal of old layers of paint using stripper gel or abrasion systems.

Tail painting

Cleaning, degreasing, polishing, and application of special primers and antifouling substances to protect the boat tail engines under water.

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