The Club crew will attend to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. VHF9 Monday to Sunday 24 hours. 662 382 520

Safety and surveillance

We want to guarantee maximum safety at all times. To this end, we have installed a sophisticated video surveillance system comprised of mobile and fixed cameras on each pier, infra-red cameras, and security personnel to monitor the cameras and to physically guard the piers. In addition, security personnel are employed at night both on land and at sea.


At times of higher transit the Club provides its users with a supply service where, moored for periods of a maximum of two hours, they can use the water and electricity services or for embarking and/or disembarking. VHF 12. Monday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm.


There is free WIFI in all of the Club's facilities.


For your comfort, we offer steps which make access from the pier to the boat easier. The steps are provided depending on availability.

Electricity adaptors

We have electrical 16 to 32 and vice versa amp adaptors or three phase adaptors.

Laundry Service

Laundry and ironing service with collection and delivery to the boat. Once in the port, you can request this service through channel 12VHF or by phoning  673 781 266.

Afloat maintenance service

This service, created by the Club, guarantees that your boat is cared for all year round; cleaning of the deck, crystals, covers, canvases, turning on the engine, cleaning the bilges, etc... We also have a cleaning-only service (inside and out) if you so wish.

Boat cleaning

No need to worry about cleaning your boat after going sailing. We will take care of it. Ask our services coordinator through the channel 12VHF or by phoning 673 781 266.

Waste Collection

Es Nàutic's maritime personnel offers a personalised and free waste collection service to collect waste from the boat within certain time periods. Even so, we would ask you not to place rubbish bags on the pier. There are specific areas set aside for this purpose.

Collection of black and oily waters

We offer free extraction of waste water or oily water in your boat, using special pumps. There is a fixed pump on the dock bay. There is also a mobile extraction pump for larger boats which can't access the aforementioned bay.

Tourist information

If you require any information about Sant Antoni, the rest of the island, anchoring areas, or anything else, do not hesitate to ask our Customer Service staff who will be pleased to help in any way you need. We also provide free maps and guides of the island.

Toxic-dangerous waste

Waste collection service at the “clean point” to be recycled according to the MARPOL norm. We have special containers and recipients to separate the different generated waste products.

Weather forecast

One of the most important things before going out to sail is to look at the weather forecast. For this reason the  Club provides you with a daily forecast from 9am.

Boat cleaning

Don't worry about cleaning your boat when you return from sailing, we'll do it for you. Ask our service coordinator on VHF channel 12 or by phone 662 382 520.